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Achieving Regulatory
& Security Compliance Across a Development Process

Learn how to deploy a reliable implementation of risk controls such as controls in the ISO 27001 information security standard when operating a distributed development workforce.


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Why Does It Matter?


Achieving regulatory and security compliance across a development process is typically implemented with risk controls. This often leads to using a number of tools throughout the process resulting in complex, costly, and hard-to-maintain mechanisms.

Learn how organizations are able to include any custom corporate policies that need to be assessed so that the organization, no matter how complex, can effectively and economically demonstrate compliance.

Key Takeaways


  • Understand the importance and implementation of risk controls in ISO 27001.

  • How to effectively implement the controls across a complex development workforce.

  • How to automate reporting through visual dashboards.

Learn From Industry Experts

Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about how they've created  secure, compliant, and efficient code development strategies at their companies.